Infrastructure construction is a sector that deals with complex construction projects that include roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, power plants, airports etc. Infrastructure construction is responsible for the construction of major structures that aren’t owned by a private owner—the structure ranges from dams, wastewater treatment centers to walkway construction projects. For this reason, infrastructure construction mainly falls under the sponsorship of the government or big corporations. Infrastructure construction is also known as heavy civil construction or civil engineering.

Infrastructure construction takes a long time to design and build. Depending on the project, the timeline may be up to 30 years or longer. Part of the reason is that such projects are built to last several years with minimal wear and tear. Moreover, the construction pace may be slow since ABCL is very cautious to balance innovations with safety and risk.lan

While both infrastructure construction and commercial construction are part of the same industry, the two sectors are very different. Commercial construction tends to be more profit-driven. Meanwhile, heavy civil construction focuses on infrastructure development for the benefit of the community. The two have very different timelines, with infrastructure construction taking the longest construction period due to the project’s heavy nature.

ABCL’s infrastructure team has the expertise and the needed heavy construction equipment to complete the most daunting of heavy civil construction projects. We are one of Bangladesh’s most experienced infrastructure contractors offering a wide range of heavy civil services. When taking on heavy civil projects, ABCL focuses on minimizing inconvenience to the public, local community, and motorists. It’s very important for ABCL to accelerate the project schedule to meet critical goals and deliver quality work that can be counted on for decades.

Here are some of the most commonly handled projects by ABCL’s heavy civil team along with many others listed below.

  • Roadways, ranging from basic residential streets to complex overpasses and underground tunnels.
  • Railroads, including tracks for light and high-speed vehicles and streetcar systems.
  • Bridges, from simple-level roadway crossings to the massive bridges that connect two cities.
  • Earthwork projects like building new levees, reshaping flood-prone areas, and capping landfills.
  • Dams and reservoir tanks or lakes, including water systems designed for power or electricity generation.
  • Wastewater treatment plants, settlement ponds, holding tanks, and other essential water processing structures.
  • River and canal stabilization or widening projects for both shipping purposes and recreational goals.
  • Water Ports, Airports, and other major transportation hubs.

Other Heavy Civil We Do:

  • Pre-cast Roadway Concrete Technology
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Concrete Barrier
  • Commercial Retrofit
  • Rapid Set Roadway Concrete Technology
  • Construction Site Remediation
  • Subgrade and Roadbed
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Site Clearing
  • Site Remediation
  • Site Demolition
  • Landscaping & Beautification
  • – Trucking & Hauling
  • – Sub-Grade & Sub-Ballast Prep
  • Slope Protection & Erosion Control
  • Rail Track Removal & Salvage
  • Steel Casing
  • Street Sweeping Grading
  • Subgrade and Roadbed
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan